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Writing & Publishing Tips

Writing & Publishing Tips:
Guest Post Tips
Writing & Publishing Tips: What is Story by Catherine E. McLean

Writing & Publishing Tips: Things I've Learned by Connie Smith (Guest Post)

Writing & Publishing Tips: Reading and Writing by Connie Smith

Writing & Publishing Tips: My Writing Process by Sherry Soule (Guest Post)

Writing & Publishing Tips: Six Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Tried To Get Published by Tracey Martin

Writing & Publishing Tips: Got Writer’s Block? No, You Don’t by Anton Strout

Writing & Publishing Tips: Opening the Steampunk Toolkit by Emma Jane Holloway (Giveaway)

Writing & Publishing Tips: Sequels, Sagas, and Trilogies…Oh, My! by Nicole Dunlap

Writing & Publishing Tips: You Wrote Your First Book And Now You’re Ready To Publish—NOT! by Ashley Robertson (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Guest Post For Writers: Other Ways to Use Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn by Toi Thomas

My Tips
How to Write a Logline / Hook Line

"Formatting a Novel Manuscript"

"Begin with a Bang (Your First Chapter)"

"Don't Describe Your Novel to Death"

"The Overuse of Adjectives, Adverbs, Exclamations, Oh My"

"This is the End - How to Write an Effective Ending"

"Show, Don't Tell"

Note: All information in these posts are a conglomerate of what I have learned from writing workshops, author and publisher events, writing clubs I am involved in, and a little internet research. I reference all work when it is applicable.